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It's finally over. My nana passed away today at 2:30pm after a week in hospital and you know what... I'm glad.

Not in a horrible way - just that she doesn't have to suffer anymore because everytime she's been in hospital for the past year she's come back out getting steadily worse and at least now it's done. full stop. finished.

I didn't see her - parents trying to protect me I guess. It's better in a way cos now I'll always remember how she was before that thing happened that no one knows what it was but made her sick.

And she got to become a great grandma... again. Ashleigh had her baby yesterday and I became a kind of auntie which is always nice. Baby Lynn. She's so sweet.

So, goodbye nana. I'll miss you!

Whenever I smell sunday dinner cooking, or find someone who doesn't know how to work a VCR, I'll think of you.


l tell you.Thanks!

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