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hmm... weird how things work out isn't it? I go 18 years without going to a funeral, and then three come along in the same year, kind of like buses.

First it was Mr Williams, then Nana, now Brian from next door.

*sigh* some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints...

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I am very pissed off right now because I've just found out through my links with fandom I have three pages devoted to me at fandom history... not amused!!!

it's not that it links to my fic and shizz that I'm annoyed about - it's that it links to my PERSONAL WEBSITE!!! With personal stuff on about me!!!And the person running the site didn't ask permission for this venture ergo you get me, Sara, thoroughly pissed off!

and I thought my day couldn't get any worse >: (
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It's finally over. My nana passed away today at 2:30pm after a week in hospital and you know what... I'm glad.

Not in a horrible way - just that she doesn't have to suffer anymore because everytime she's been in hospital for the past year she's come back out getting steadily worse and at least now it's done. full stop. finished.

I didn't see her - parents trying to protect me I guess. It's better in a way cos now I'll always remember how she was before that thing happened that no one knows what it was but made her sick.

And she got to become a great grandma... again. Ashleigh had her baby yesterday and I became a kind of auntie which is always nice. Baby Lynn. She's so sweet.

So, goodbye nana. I'll miss you!

Whenever I smell sunday dinner cooking, or find someone who doesn't know how to work a VCR, I'll think of you.

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Book-wise I'll read pretty much anything you put in front of me. I can't really pinpoint specific genres I don't like but there have been some books I just haven't enjoyed:

.'Enduring Love' by Ian McEwan
. 'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee - loved the film oddly enough but just couldn't get into the book
. 'The Time Traveler's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger - Do actually quite like this book but it's sooo hard to ead with all the time skips and such

And don't even get me started on the whole Twilight saga! I vehemently despise it because (and this is just my opinion) Stephanie Meyer is being paid millions for a poorly crafted plot who's main character is a Mary-Sue. Also, Sparkly Vampires?? WTF! I mean yeah, creative license with vampire lore and all  that but come on.

Real vampires are turning in their coffins ;D But all my friends are Twilight obsessives so when they start talking about it I kind of ha ve to just tune them out lol.

Movie-wise it's pretty much the same but I don't like thriller - anything too psychological because my thinking is I watch movies when I want to escape and can't be bothered to make the effort and read a book (shocking I know but it doesn't happen often) so what I want from a film is something that I can watch and enjoy but that doesn't confuse me too much or make me think too much.

I also don't enjoy book adaptations that change the book ridiculously or miss important bits out (cough Harry Potter 4 cough) and horror films without a proper ending, like one missed call.

okay, rant over now - normal service will be resumed shortly.


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Right... I'm all packed, dress is in a garment bag, shoes in the suitcase.

Pearls in spare toiletry bag, hairdryer and straigteners in suitcase. Make-up chosen and stuffed in handbag. Several books/magazines for reading pleasure.

I think that's it - all ready to go.

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye...

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Well... today was fun.

Went to the opticians... I am the owner of a pair of VERY healthy eyeballs which is great to hear - if a little creepy ;)

Also went to donate blood for the first time... didn't go as great as I hoped. Surprisingly the reason was NOT my crippingly horrific fear of needles. Nope, the reason was my ridiculously thin spider web veins. And the fact that I might have anaemia.

The nurse did the prick test and my blood did something weird it wasn't meant to, so she sent me for a haemoglobin test. That was a no go as she couldn't get a vein for the donation, she couldn't even get any for the test.

It's official... my body is fucked up!

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I am a one person boycott against the daily mail because of the unresearched shite journalists like sarah sands are allowed to print.


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Matty's party last night was a BLAST!

I am however regretting the many and varying types of alcohol I consumed! worst. hangover. ever!

cheered by the sausage roll and pretty quilt cover I got in town though :)


Oh, and those green and white shots I did - though fun - tasted like Satan in a glass. Sticking to Lambrini from now on ;D
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Today I mad a chocolate chip cheesecake :D I haven't tried the finished article yet, but the mixture tasted fantastic (not to brag or anything)

also... is it weird that I still get sad every time I pass Nicole's house? I don't know why - it's just that it brings back so many memories of the four of that I kinda get all sad when I remember I'm alone

well... enough depressing thoughts - I'm off to see if my jelly has set


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Matty's engaged... Ashleigh's pregnant... and I'm sitting here in pink hedgehog jammies watching Finding Nemo...

Congratulations Matty and Jamie!!! I'm sooo happy for you!! XD XD XD

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3 A'S, a B, a C AND a D :) :) :) 

so happy right now ;P

oh, and Zac Efron was in Firefly... weird :)

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well... that is a tricky one... I suppose it would look somethinglike this:

1. 'Don't You (Forget About Me)'- New Found Glory
2. 'Burn It To The Ground' - Nickelback
3. 'Bad Influence' - P!nk
4. 'Crushcrushcrush' - Paramore
5. 'Hit Me With You Best Shot' - Pat Benitar
6. 'Jump' - Van Halen
7. 'Welcome To Wherever You Are' - Bon Jovi
8. 'Don't Stop Believing' - Journey
9. 'Like Toy Soldiers' - Eminem
10. 'Mr. Brightside' - The Killers
11. 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster' - Geri Halliwell
12. 'It's Raining Men' - Geri Halliwell
13. 'Running Away' - Elliot Minor
14. 'Every You, Every Me' - Placebo
15. 'Carry On My Wayward Son' - Kansas
16. 'Love Story' - Taylor Swift
17. Katy Perry's album 'One of the Boys' (Want it all on there lol)
18. 'If U Seek Amy' - Britney Spears
19. 'Manhatten From The Sky' - Kate Vogele
20. 'Viva La Vida' - Coldplay
21. 'California' - Wave
22. 'Hip To Be Square' - Huey Lewis & The News
23. 'Stolen' - Dashboard Confessional
24. 'I Got A Feeling' - Black Eyed Peas
25. 'Hate My Life' - Theory of a Deadman
26. '!Viva La Gloria!' - Green Day
27. 'Untouched' - The Veronicas
28. 'Believe in Me' - Rooney
29. 'Alone' - Avril Lavigne
30. 'This Disaster' - New Found Glory
31. 'All Summer Long' - Kid Rock
32. '18 Till I Die' - Bryan Adams
33. Summer of '69' - Bryan Adams
34. 'Just Dance ft. Colby O'Donis' - Lady Gaga
35. 'BoysBoysBoys' - Lady Gaga
36. 'Poker Face' - Lady Gaga
37. 'Shut Up And Drive' - Rihanna
38. 'Jai Ho' - Pussycat Dolls
39. 'Geek in the Pink' - Jason Mraz
40. 'High School Never Ends' - Bowling For Soup
41. 'Hot Blooded' - Foreigner
42. 'Country Girl' - Primal Scream
43. 'Hello' - Take That
44. 'Rock DJ' - Robbie Williams
45. 'Walk This Way' - Run DMC ft Aerosmith
46. 'Someting Kinda Ooh' - Girls Aloud
47. 'Here Come The Girls' - Sugababes
48. 'Stupidly Happy' - XTC
49. '21 Guns' - Green Day
50. 'Believe' - Cher

:D Hey, I didn't say they were good now, did I? ;D xx
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I got the part!!! :D :D :D 

I'm going to be Griselder (Ugly Sister number 2) in Cinderella at christmas!!!!!!!

So excited!! Sad that I won't get to do the comedy falls though :( 


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1. Take five books off your bookshelf.

2. Book #1 ('Look Who It Is!' by Alan Carr) -- first sentence: Even though he was wearing sunglasses, you could see Kanye West was staring at us thinking, 'What the hell?'

3. Book #2 ('The Boy In The Dress' by David Walliams) -- last sentence on page fifty: But Dennis's escape to that magical world of glamour ended the day his dad discovered the magazine.

4. Book #3 ('Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince' by J.K Rowling) -- second sentence on page one hundred: 'Oh No!' Squealed Hermione.'

5. Book #4 ('The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams) -- next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty: 'They charged.'

6. Book #5 ('Peter Pan' by J.M Barrie) -- final sentence of the book: 'And thus it will go on, so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless.'

7. Make the five sentences into a paragraph:

But Dennis's escape to that magical world of glamour ended the day his dad discovered the magazine.
'Oh No!' Squealed Hermione.
Even though he was wearing sunglasses, you could see Kanye West was staring at us thinking, 'What the hell?'
They charged. And thus it will go on, so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless.

Well... That was... bizarre ;D
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Spike from Buffy... No contest!!! :D
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I locked myself in a fridge today...

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[Error: unknown template qotd]It's not really something tangible, but it's tradition to name girls born in our family 'Ann' as either a first or middle name. After my auntie Ann who died before I was born. So far there's five of us, and when I have kids, if one's a girl it'll have the middle name 'Ann'

The only real 'heirloom' I've been given is my nana's locket that my grandad bought for her when they were courting. I wore it when I was confirmed.

Also, in other news, that rash I had turned our to be an allergic reaction - not chicken pox, woohoo!
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And by that I mean college is out for the summer :D

me, Jen, Danielle, Danielle's boyf Tim and his friend Dan went to Panda afterwards. Was lush! speciallt the seaweed.

and I managed to use the chopsticks!

all in all a canny good day, 'cept for the relentless rain. The coast road was totally flooded - I swear I saw someone in a dingy float past lol ;D

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I shall now take off the capslock and go back to my business... on your way everyone

XD  ♥
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EEEK! am off to London tomorrow.

getting up at 5AM but is totally worth it for Avenue Q, 3 rows from front!!!

also good is that I'm watching Star Trek II and my love for Defforest Kelley hasn't lessened at all - I <3 him!!!!

I still cry at the ending though - must buy search for spock. :D


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